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We are Na Ali'i of Royal School.  Together ... Smarter, Better, Higher

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Stop Flu Program

Influenza (flu) vaccination will be offered by the Department of Health during its annual Stop Flu at School program for our students, kindergarten-5th grade. The Stop Flu at School clinic for Royal will be held on January 18, 2017. Only the flu shot will be offered through this program.
Your child will be sent home with a packet including a Flu vaccine information statement and a consent form. If you would like your child to receive a free flu shot at school please read and complete consent form. Please be sure to answer ALL of the questions and sign and date! Return the completed form to your child’s teacher by Friday, December 16, 2016. (Absolute Deadline)

Royal School's WASC Accreditation

Royal School was one of the Hawaii elementary schools selected to participate in the first round of Accreditation. In Spring of 2015 a visiting committee from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges was on campus visiting classrooms, reviewing our self-study findings and met with all stakeholders. Overall, the committee was impressed with the culture of the school and the positive environment for student learning. They saw our vision – Together,Smarter, Better, Higher – in action. Royal School was granted a six-year accreditation status with a mid-cycle one-day visit through June 30, 2021.Continuous improvement requires our community to work together in the best interest of our children. THANK YOU for your continued support, encouragement and involvement.

Attached is a copy of our self-study report. Thank you to all members of our Royal School ohana who helped make this process a success.

Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) Program

The Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS-4) program is part of the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's} effort to preserve, protect, and improve the Nation's water resources from polluted storm water runoff.
Click to view documents about this program and ways you can help.

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