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Mission and Purpose

We will create and live out a shared vision by truly collaborating and growing with one another.
We will build a culture rooted in love and acceptance as we journey together towards a common goal.
We will encourage and inspire others in order to build them up to reach their full potential.
We will take fear out of the equation by empowering others so that no one is afraid to take risks.
We will make sure that every student, every teacher, every single person in our school community knows that they are loved, not just for what they do, but for who they are.
Our Purpose
To positively impact students' lives by truly believing they can succeed so that every student is empowered to thrive and reach their full potential.
We are Nā Āliʻi of Royal School. Together...Smarter, Better, Higher.

News & Announcements

Welcome to Royal School, Superintendent Kishimoto! Featured Photo

Welcome to Royal School, Superintendent Kishimoto!

Royal School was the site of Superintendent Kishimotoʻs live stream of Talk Story with Dr.K. She welcomed her special guest, Dr. Ed Noh, who shared about Innovation Grants. Click for more information and link to the broadcast on Facebook.

Summer Bridge Program

Over the summer, Royal School held its first Summer Bridge Program. Students were engaged in different learning activities. They were also able to share with their parents on the last day. Check out this highlight video to see a little of what happened.



  • 180 Years Strong
  • 1839 Year Establishd by King Kamehameha III
  • 24 Certified Teachers
  • 1:1 Student to Computer Ratio
  • 1 Purpose, Vision, Heart