About Pathways

Have you heard about the Royal School Pathways? Pathway classes are an excellent opportunity for student voice on campus. Twice a month on Fridays during the second and third quarters, teachers open their classrooms to students in their grade level that have chosen to learn about a topic based on the Department of Education’s Career Technical Education (CTE) Pathways:

  • Health Services

  • Natural Resources

  • Public and Human Services

  • Arts and Communications

  • Business

  • Industrial and Engineering Technology

Classes are designed to give our students a brief look into a career field through engaging activities. Each class is completed in the span of 2-4 meetings, and students will experience at least 2 Pathways each year. 

Students choose from different topics at their grade level, and build teamwork skills as they work on projects of their own creation. Some topics we have seen this year include cooking, event planning, zumba and creating your own Pokemon. Students in the third grade are helping to design and paint a mural for the school’s cafeteria!

As students progress through their grade levels, they are able to learn a little about each pathway, helping prepare them for CTE electives in middle and high school. Our hope is that this early introduction will give students a head start in finding the career for which they are best suited.