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Royal School's Vision

Royal School's Belief Statement
TOGETHER: We - the students, parents, teachers, staff, administrator and community members - believe that the philosophy of Royal School is to prepare ourselves to successfully function in the rapidly changing world in which we live.

SMARTER: We will provide an environment that allows for the development and use of creative and critical thinking skills. These thinking skills are necessary to survive in our rapidly changing world and essential when there are so many options and choices available.

BETTER: We will nurture the emotional part of our students, enhancing each student's self-esteem and values, as well as bringing forth the feeling of caring for others and for the planet. By doing this, we will encourage better self-understanding and better interaction with others.

HIGHER: We will help our children continually strive for improvement and maintain an attitude of excellence in all we do. We will help each student believe that each can make a difference in this world, and give us the gift of hope and the vision of a world that is TOGETHER...Smarter, Better, Higher.
We will accomplish these goals by perfecting these skills, adopting these attitudes, assessing where we are, and being open to changes that need to be made.