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Disciplinary Guidelines

Disciplinary Guidelines

We believe that the best kind of discipline is self-discipline, one that comes from within rather than that which is imposed. We believe that discipline is best when it is preventative rather than punitive. In working with children, the staff will use those means that will promote and build good attitudes and respect for others.

Chapter 19
Chapter 19 adopted by the Board of Education governs student behavior and school discipline. Class A offenses are based on State law. Class B and C offenses are based on Dept. of Education rules and regulations. Class D rules and regulations are developed by the school. Class A and B offenses are serious offenses and may result in more serious disciplinary consequences. Please read your copy of Chapter 19 which will be sent home each school year.

Types of Consequences

Whenever a student violates school rules and shows disregard for their importance, school personnel will institute the consequences or disciplinary actions. The following will be considered:

  1. Students will be counseled in addition to any consequence.
  2. The severity of the infraction will be taken into consideration in determining the specific consequence. For example, a mild infraction may be handled with a reprimand and warning, while other infractions may warrant notification to the parents.
  3. The number of times the offense has been repeated will be taken into account in determining the specific consequence. Progressive discipline will be used for repeat offenders.
  4. Whenever possible, behavior improvement plans will include natural or logical consequences of behavior, e.g. loss of "free-time" privileges, cleaning up of graffiti.
  5. The classroom teacher will refer a student to the administration when efforts to help the student have not altered the offending behavior or when the severity of the offense requires disciplinary measures beyond the classroom. 
  • Lunch will never be revoked for disciplinary reasons.
  • Corporal punishment will not be used in the school. 
  • See section in Chapter 19 under disciplinary action.