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Parent Involvement

Written Policy for Parent Involvement

The partnership between home and school can have many facets and many benefits. Parental engagement can further the educational opportunities and achievement of children. This is possible because parents have an in-depth and long-term knowledge of their children – their strengths and weaknesses, their needs and their problems.

Parent involvement at Royal School has proven to be a variable with a strong positive effect on the academic achievement of our students.

Royal School shall do the following for parents of all children:

1. By August of each school year, we will conduct an Open House to explain the programs and activities our school provides to enable our students to meet the Common Core State Standards.

2. By August of each school year, we will plan regularly scheduled meetings/activities. Meeting topics for the school year will include but not be limited to:
  • Orientation to Royal School’s program and the campus
  • Informational sessions based on parents’ requests and interests (e.g. homework help, reading aloud, math literacy)
  • How parents can support their children in their progress towards meeting the Common Core State Standards
  • Activities that help parents build a sense of community among each other
3. We will maintain an open communication system that encourages parents to confer with faculty.

4. We will use our School Community Council structure as the vehicle for involving parents in school-related decisions.

5. We will follow-up on concerns and recommendations made by parents.

6. We will encourage parents to participate in training activities designed to support our literacy program.

7. We will provide quarterly progress reports and conduct parent-teacher conferences during 1st quarter for each child.

8. We will provide timely information about the school through meetings and/or newsletters. We will provide a student plan book or folder (gr. K) for each child which will be used to inform parents of upcoming meetings/activities.

9. We will post the most current version of our Academic-Financial plan on our school’s website.